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The campus of Zhejiang Normal University at the cultural historical city of Jinhua in the central part of Zhejiang Province links Shanghai and Hangzhou to the north, and Guangdong and Fujian provinces to the south. It has an excellent transportation network of bus, rail and highways.

I. Travel by air 
    You can take a plane to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport or Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, or Shanghai Pudong International Airport, or Yiwu airport, and then travel to Jinhua wither by train or bus.

1. Jinhua – Yiwu Airport

Detailed route please click here

2. Jinhua –Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, China

Detailed route please click here

3. Jinhua-Hongqiao International airport and  Hongqiao International airport.
Jinhua-Hongqiao International airport : detailed route please click here
Jinhua-Hongqiao International airport: detailed route please click here

II. Travel by train
1. You can take a train to Hangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu and other cities at the Jinhua West Railway station. 

2. The Jinhua West Train Station is quite near Zhejiang Normal University which only takes 5-10 minutes from the university to the station.

3. Railway map and ticket booking online

III.Travel by bus 
a) It is convenient to take a bus at the Jinhua West Bus Station or the Jinhua South Bus Station to cities in and out of Zhejiang Province.

b) The West Bus station is near the West Railway Station and only takes 5-10 minutes drive from Zhejiang Normal University to the Bus station.

c) The Jinhua South Bus Station is located in Shuanglong South Street which only takes approximately 20 minutes drive from Zhejiang university to the south bus tation.