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【International Talk】Obstacles for a foreign direct investment in Jinhua, from the perspective of entrepreneur

author: | view:3 | date:2014-12-16


主讲嘉宾: Shaker Jabber 先生(Shaker 有限公司董事长)

    间:  1217日下午14:00

    点: 273MBA教室



Topic Obstacles for a foreign direct investment in Jinhua, fromthe perspective of entrepreneur

LecturerMr. Shaker Jabber (CEO of Shaker Co; LTD)

Time1400, December 17, 2014

VenueMBA classroom on third floor in Building 27

Lecturer introduction Mr. Shaker Jabber is the 1st groupof foreigner businesses men who were encouraged by the administrative committeeof Jinhua Jiangnan development zone to set up business investment in Jinhuacity. He has been operating the business for 7 years in China and over40 years throughout his career. His business was successful and had greatrecognition by the JinhuaCity council.