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Undergraduate program for international students

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Application venue is already open, welcome to join us!

About This Program


Theprogram is set to meets the needs of the booming international economy for new-typeforeign-trade talents.

The aim of the program is

·to cultivate professional talents with compound knowledge in internationaleconomics and trade;

Distinguished features of the program are

·small-scaleclasses: 30 students per class;

·classical, original textbooks in English used in specialty courses;

·all specialty coursesare taught in English

·Faculty withinternational education background: teachers are from China,Australia, Singapore, South Africa and other countries who have overseaseducation backgrounds;

·various exchangechance to study at home and abroad in famous universites who has cooperationrelationships with ZJNU


Featured courses are:

·Specially forinternational students:

-        An Introduction to China

-        China’s Economy Reform

-        Sino-Africa Business Relationship

-        the Market Condition of China Commodity City

-        Market Research and Prediction

-        Etc.

·For all students:

-        An Introduction to Africa

-        African Economy

-        African Commerce Law

-        Etc.


The graduates will

·have a profoundknowledge in international trade theories;

·have strong ability of doing international trade business and internationalcommunication;

·have deep understanding in China economy and business, African economy andbusiness, and China-Africa business relationship.



Length of the Program

4years (Minimum3 years and maximum 6 years)



Early September


Entry Requirements:

1. 18 years andabove

2. High SchoolDiploma or above



1. ApplicationFee: 400 RMB

2. Textbook fee:800 RMB

3. Tuition: 16600RMB per year



1.     Website for Chinese Government Scholarship:

2.     Website for Chinese Government Scholarship forMaster Programs with the independent recruitment of ZJNU:

3.     Website for Zhejiang Provincial GovernmentScholarship:

4.     Website for ZJNU Outstanding Student Scholarship:



The international students’ dormitory is available for internationalstudents. Rooms are equipped with furniture, air conditioner, bathrooms andinterne. Kitchens with refrigerators and washing rooms are equipped on everyfloor.

Double room: 20 RMB per person per night.

Single room: 30-40 RMB per night.



Dining at the Students Dining Halls costs approximately 600 RMB permonth.



Option 1: apply on line (

Option 2: apply by email (;

Option 3: apply at the Office forInternational Students, Zhejiang Normal University



Faculty admission:

International ProgramCenter, Faculty of College of Economicsand Management & China-Africa International Business School,Zhejiang NormalUniversity

Address: 688 Yingbin Avenue, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, 321004, P.R.China 

Tel: +86-579-82298980

Fax: +86-579-82288567



University admission:

Office for International Students,Zhejiang Normal University

Address: 688 Yingbin Avenue, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, 321004, P.R.China 

Tel: +86-579-82283146, 82283155,82298980

E-mail:;;     Website: