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Ambassador Liu Guijin attended the 2013 Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai

author:Hualu Wang | view:999 | date:2013-11-21

Nov. 18 to 20, Ambassador Liu Guijin, Dean of CAIBS, as the Acting Chair of China Council, attended the Global Agenda Council Summit, 2013 held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dean Liu also participated in talks, discussions and seminars in Africa Council, U.S. Council, Latin America Council, Japan Council, Korea Council, Geopolitical Risks Council and the councils the BRICS countries are involved in.

The Summit on the Global Agenda of the World Economic Forum consists of more than 90 councils categorized by regions and industries. It is held every November to invite experts from different countries and industries to explore important global issues and challenges facing the world, and to decide on the agenda for the annual meeting of World Economic Forum held in Davos early in the next year.

     According to WEF, over 900 members of World Economic Forum(WEF) Network of Global Agenda Councils including experts from academia, business, civil society, international organizations and government participated in the event this year to collaboratively explore on the theme of this year’s summit “Driving Change Through Collaboration”.